My Writer’s Prayer

Monday, August 4, 2014

Today I woke up with a long agenda of things to do! UGH! My writing was on the list, but close to the tail end. Simmering away, on the back burner of my mind, was the upcoming blog post I’ve only just begun to draft. The tension of wishing I could just stay parked in my writing chair, keeping company with my keyboard and my thoughts—and that of accomplishing my to-do list, is not pleasant.

My self-talk reminds me that I have promises to keep, places to be. You can’t NOT do those things, Linda, I argue. Not without making up a BIG and GLORIOUS excuse that makes your life, wishes and desires seem more important than keeping your promises to the little people you love.

Yes! You guessed it! Self-Talk won out. I do have to keep my promise to the Grands! (AKK-Grandsons—Samuel and Seth!) Today is the first day of their swimming lessons (8 lessons within the next 2 weeks) and after all, it was at my insistence that these boys (4 ½ & 6 years old) learn water safety and how to become good swimmers—that their mom set up this plan. And it’s the last fun thing they’d get to do before school starts in 10 days!

None-the-less—their lesson falls on a day when I would really rather sit and write. (Sigh)

Well, my desire to be a faithful and fun Grandma Linda won out. I went and enjoyed watching! It was so fun to see these little guys take to the water like ducklings. (And they were far cuter than any little ducks I’ve ever seen!)

Well, I got home a few hours after their lesson and  guess what? My blog post material was still simmering! (I know because I stirred it a little!) I’ll get to it tomorrow morning! Right now, I want to write my ‘Writer’s Prayer’.



Sammy  Keeping a Promise to these little guys is a BIG DEAL! I'm glad I made the right choice.

Keeping a Promise to these little guys is a BIG DEAL! I’m glad I made the right choice.

My Writer’s Prayer

“Dear Lord—

Creator of “all things bright and beautiful; all creatures great and small’, thank you for reminding me that writing for children—your greatest creation of all—is a high calling and one not to be shirked. Help me to be balanced in my love for writing and my love for these children, for whom I love to write. Let the words that I write today, tomorrow and always, be instrumental in helping some child one day, to see YOU in all things—great and small. Help them also to wonder, to dream, to create and perhaps, even to write something significant themselves–one day.”

Thanks for stopping by my site today. I hope you were encouraged, inspired. If you are a Children’s writer, I  hope you were encouraged to pray also for those little ones who will one day be your readers! Write on!–for fun–and for the love of writing.

Best wishes–Linda

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