The Discipline of Writing


Painting and writing takes discipline!

Painting and writing takes discipline!

Here I am! Sitting at my art table, working on a new sketch for Sammy’s New Friends!  This past week I finished two scenes and I now have have exactly three left to do. During this warm and beautiful Colorado summer, I have found it REALLY hard to keep my B.I.C. (Bottom in Chair!)

The discipline of creating!

My commitment to writing and painting takes a LOT of discipline–and on some days I just don’t have it! Let me be real! I’d just rather spend the time in the great outdoors with my grandchildren, or picking the dead blossoms off my potted deck plants, or lunch out with a friend.

My usual routine puts me in my writing chair each morning around 7:00am (sometimes earlier).  My goal is to write a minimum of 500–1000 words each day–or to sketch or paint one scene for my book. But I don’t always reach my goal.

Some days I get a little down as I wonder ‘who’ reads my blog–or  when my stats aren’t as good as I’d like. Then there are the days I lapse into listening to my own self-doubt, wondering if what I write or paint is ‘good enough’ to post. During moments like these, I’m grateful for the voices of other bloggers, and friends, who encourage me to keep on writing-for the love of writingand for the message I’m compelled to share!

Writing and artist mentors have played a huge role in my life lately–helping me to develop confidence in my writing and artistic skills.
I have benefited from several ‘mentor authors’ in particular this year–ones to whom I look for weekly inspiration, encouragement and instruction.  I decided to share them with you. If you are a writer–you’ll grow to love these favorites: Jeff Goins (at, Brian Hutchinson at, Claire De Boer (; and Katie Davis at ( Jeff Goins and Katie Davis both have a weekly podcast that is well worth listening to!

Each of these writers have a unique niche in the blogging and writing world, and whose writing styles and instruction I find refreshing and helpful. If you like writing, or illustrating, check out their blogs and websites! Maybe you also have a few you can recommend to me!

My Writer’s Prayer

As this week begins, I want to share with you my writer’s prayer again. I print these out, and tack them on my little memo board over my desk–reminding me that I have committed this week of writing and painting to the LORD, the One who has gifted me with these skills and talents. I am finding that looking back over these prayers helps me stay focused on the important things–and not get caught up in a ‘rabbit trail’.

“Dear LORD,

Thank you for putting into my path great writers and children’s storybook illustrators–one’s who are further down the road in this creative journey than me. Help me to look to them–humbly and with a learner’s heart–picking up nuggets of wisdom that will be useful for me as I continue writing and painting. Help me be mindful that these men and women are not perfect–just seasoned–and let me always look to You–first and foremost for my inspiration.  Guide me this week and help me to make the most of every day. Thank you for working along side me, Jesus.”

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All God’s best,


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