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On this page  you will see a sneak preview of Hildie’s Hat Party, an illustrated storybook that holds special appeal for young readers, ages 5 to 7.  It celebrates how caring friendship makes all the difference to a friend in need. Two authors, who have influenced my style for my woodland-critter stories, is Arnold Lobel—author of the famous Frog and Toad Stories (I Can Read! Picture Books), and  Beatrix Potter, of the Peter Rabbit series. Cicely Mary Barker’s delightful book of poems and illustrations of flower fairies, modeled after real children, has inspired my own renditions of such. Creating the beauty and mystery of The Big Woods-complete with its “li’l critters’ has become a passion for me.

Hildie’s Hat Party

Hildie Hedgehog lives on Hedgehog Circle, in Dancing Glen, in the heart of The Big Woods. Her flare is for hats! She LOVES hats and is seen wearing a different one in nearly every scene. Why heck! She must have at least 103!  Hildie loves her forest friends; the return of spring; flowers fairies and parties. In Hildie’s Hat Party,  Hildie throws a party in celebration of Spring’s return–inviting everyone she knows–even the Flower Fairies. One catch though–she asks everyone to come wearing their favorite hat!

 "The excitement over Hildie’s party spread through the Big Woods like a strong March wind. Each forest critter was asking the same question, “Which hat shall I wear?

Mouse: Hildie’s sidekick in this story. He loves to follow her around, helping to make her party happen.

Dinah Deer: Hildie’s hat party poses a special problem for Dinah She tells her friends that deer don’t wear hats. All the critters are concerned over Dinah’s dilemma, but don’t know how to help.

“How can I, a deer, wear a hat? My hooves cannot hold a flower, tie a bow, or even lift a leaf to my head."

Other characters:

Savannah Squirrel, Riley Raccoon, Mr. & Mrs. Owl, the Beaver Family, Mother Goose and her goslings, and Mrs. Robin jump in to try to solve Dinah’s problem. Hildie comes up with plan that just might work—but it involves the wit and winning efforts of all the forest critters–who, in the process, learn that friendship starts with caring, and that makes all the difference to a friend in need.

"They all wanted Dinah Deer to come to the party, but what could they do?"

Other Works in Progress by Linda Bridges are:

Olivia Can’t Fly!  This story is set in the Big Woods, highlighting Mr. and Mrs. Owl and their fledglings.  Olivia, the youngest owlet, wants to fly more than anything, but she’s afraid. When ‘launch day’ finally arrives, an unexpected encounter with Robin Junior pushes her to take that final leap of faith in order to overcome her fears.

Christmas in the Big Woods  is a story of discovery.  The same woodland-critters from my previous stories learn the true meaning of Christmas, and come together to celebrate the most sacred day of the year.   You will be hearing more about this story in Fall, 2017.

Sammy’s New Friends

If you are fans of my first book, Sammy’s New Friends, you can still purchase it on  on Amazon Books. Here is the direct link to the page:

Click Here to Order Sammy’s New Friends

Free Printable Coloring Pages

Check out my “Free Printables” page tab. There you will find some coloring pages right from the story book, ready for your child to enjoy now! Just click and down load them into your computer and print! They are free! I hope you and your child enjoy coloring them–as you wait for the real story to come out! Soon there will be a few from Hildie’s Hat Party, so come again if you are hoping for those. Otherwise print out one or more from Sammy’s New Friends.


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