My Writer’s Prayer

Today my writing goals include:

  • Work on a piece I’m writing for my blog
  • Finalize a sketch for Sammy’s New Friends.
  • Make priority list for things that still need to be done to finish the book

I’m nearing the finish line with my illustrations–but I haven’t crossed the line yet! This mental check list brought this reality to the forefront of my brain!

  • Four more illustrations to do–and
  • The final inserts of all the graphics into the E Book template
  • Formatting the text
  • Copy editing
  • Background music and page-turner sounds–which have yet to be decided!

My Writer’s Prayer

Looking at this list I tried not to be overwhelmed. I bowed my head and breathed a prayer for the day! That’s when a thought tickled my mind! “You haven’t written your ‘writer’s prayer’ out yet, Linda. Do it now!”

Here’s the short background on that thought!

Cindy, my writing buddy and accountability partner started sending me a weekly a little prayer to keep our thoughts dependent on the LORD. Being a Christian, I wholeheartedly embraced this idea. Since we have started a little tradition of sharing a prayer with each other at the beginning of the week–sometimes she sends it–sometimes I send it. This has worked to help inspire and encourage us to look our supreme example–the ‘author and perfecter’ of our faith’–Jesus Christ–to guide and motivate us through the week.

Since most of my day and week will be spent working on these final illustrations for Sammy’s New Friends–I chuckled as I wrote the prayer out today. As I work on painting Mouse, Snail and Sammy Bunny–I thought it was appropriate! What do you think?

“Dear Jesus,
Creator of the song bird, the cotton-tail and the squirrel, help me, like these small, dependent critters, to come to you for my spiritual food and rest—throughout the day.

May I, as a writer, search diligently for those delectable seeds writers call ‘action verbs’ to engage my readers; carefully avoid rabbit-trails that lead nowhere significant. And may I, like your clever squirrel, feed on and store up, grains and nuggets of nourishment from Your feeder—The Word of God—so that Your food will nourish me; and so that I will have something of substance stored up in my heart and mind to share with others—through my written words and the sketches I make on paper.

I lean on your Holy Spirit to guide me through this day. Thank you, Lord, for caring for me as you care for each of these small critters.”


Sammy Hiding

Sammy Hiding

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