My Writer’s Prayer

“Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus. . .” (Col.3:17a)

Today I was reflecting on the topic I will be writing about for my blog at This process drove me to my Bible, of course–because there, I get a lot of ideas for writing–after all it’s the best book in the world! Then I moved on to one of favorite blog sites:– a site for writers–to inspire and encourage those out there like me, to write better! And to impact the world through the written word.

Inspiration Hits!

I like Jeff Goins–blogger and pod caster, because what he says usually connects with me and motivates me to sit in my chair and write.  And he gives away ‘free stuff’!  One piece he gives away is what he calls, The Writer’s Manifesto.

In this Manifesto, Jeff says

“. . .Writers don’t write to to get published. They write for another reason. . . .Real writers don’t write for recognition. They don’t do it for fame, accolades, or notoriety.  They do it because they cannot not write. By their gifts and under the authority of a higher calling, they are compelled to create. To Wonder. To Dream. To express.”

Yes! I said, after I read these words! That’s it. That’s why I have to write. Even if it ‘s just a thought scribbled on the back of a receipt, (which I do more and more!)  or noted in my Journal (if I happen to have it with me!)–or typed into my I Phone notes as I wait in the Pharmacy line–once it’s out of my head–I’m fine. Until then, I find I’m antsy–and mulling that thought over and over in my head like a cow ruminating. As I read a few of Jeff’s inspirational articles on writing to get my brain moving–I finally got mine! (Inspiration, that is.)

Thank you Jeff for inspiring me by saying succinctly ‘why’ some of us feel compelled to write–and for helping  me to acknowledge it! Thank you for encouraging us writers to ‘just do it!”

With these thoughts in mind today, I wrote out my ‘Writer’s Prayer’ .

My Writer’s Prayer–July 30, 2014
“Thank you Lord, for compelling me to create–words and images. To wonder. To dream. To express.  Help me be faithful to write something every day. May I continually sharpen my skills so that whatever I write will be clear and relevant to the world beyond my keyboard. Let it be from my heart—an overflow of what You have placed there—and let it be a blessing to and for others. Help those who need to read what I write, find their way to my blog—and may they find that it points to You.”

Thanks for stopping by my site today. Hope you were encouraged, inspired and If you are a writer, I  hope you were nudged a little to get back to writing–for fun–and for the love of writing.


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