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Painting and writing takes discipline!

Painting and writing takes discipline!

 Hi! My name is Linda Bridges. Welcome to my website.

I am the wife of one husband (celebrating 48 years of marriage this June!); a mother of four grown children, ( three daughters and one son); the grandmother of nine grandchildren.

During the 47 years of my marriage–I have ‘done’ and ‘been’ many–if not all–the typical ‘mom’ things. (Been there, Done that!) Since my child-rearing years, I have done many other untypical things–and still do. Together,  my husband and I have served in a non-profit Christian agency for  more than 35 years. We lived more than 15 years in Europe, and 5 years in Thailand. The rest we have lived in Colorado! I have been privileged to traveled extensively. This life abroad has shaped my life experiences profoundly and influenced my thinking, motivations and viewpoint on many subjects.

As a career, I have served a number of positions that have fed into my present work. I served many years as the Associate for Children’s and Family Ministries at our church, and more than 30 years as a Bible teacher/missionary. I love the world of learning and teaching. I get great joy when I have taught even the smallest human being how to do something new, and see the light come into their eyes, as they proclaim ‘I can do it!’  I  especially love teaching in cross-cultural contexts. In the span of my career have visited and taught in 20 different countries, my most recent, in Nepal, India and Ukraine.

My classrooms have varied: from the most up-to-date equipment and furniture to the most basic. I have taught sitting in a circle on a dirt-packed, mat-covered floor with bamboo walls and no electricity,  with our books on our laps. By contrast, I have also taught in American classrooms with all the modern facilities available to man. In this variety I rejoice, and am thankful–for I have learned far more  through these  than the knowledge I have imparted to others.

I am an active member of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators- http://www.scbwi.org ) and NLAPW-Pikes Peak Branch, serving as VP on their local board. I volunteer monthly in a local school to teach poetry & art awareness to second and third graders through the Pike’s Peak Pen Women branch program: Creating Students Who Soar Higher Through Poetry in the Schools Project. For more information about this project, see  http://www.pikespeakpenwomen.com

I am currently writing children’s story books and I have a separate blog for my ‘other’ types of writing. You can check it out here:  Writing for Fun blog.  These two activities stretch me to learn better and more effective ways to communicate through the mediums of word and art. My very first illustrated storybook–Sammy’s New Friends is –Now available on Amazon.

Sammy’s New Friends debuted on February 14, 2015. (Go to my Updates tab and read all about it.)  I am currently working on my second book, Hildie Hedgehog’s Hat Party

On my page, Sneak Previews, you will see a few of the illustrations for that book.

Olivia Can’t Fly is another woodland-critter story in the works, about a fledgling owl who is fearful of flying.

Christmas in the Big Woods  brings to life, amidst the snowy setting of Big Woods, Dancing Glen, and the Glassy Pond,  a woodland critters celebration of the most sacred day of the year.  This story is still in the rough-draft stages–so stay tuned!  You will be hearing more about that story in Fall, 2017.


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